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July 15, 2018

Board Game TwixT To Return After 40 year Absence

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Houston, TX – Lil’ Cerebral Games today announced that they will revive the once-popular board game TwixT in a limited quantity.  The game was published in the United States as “TWIXT: The Ingenious New Strategy Game for Two!” board game in 1962 by the 3M Corporation, and later by Avalon Hill.  TwixT went out of print in the United States by 1980, and was last published in Europe at the end of the 20th Century.

An “Abstract Strategy Game”, the main function of TwixT is to allow a player to build a barrier from one side of the board to the other, while the second player is performing the same task perpendicular on the board.  A game could last 15 minutes or much longer based on the strategies each player invokes to ensure they are the person to build an uninterrupted barrier from one side to the other.

Inducted into the 25 board games in the Games Magazine Hall of Fame alongside familiar industry stalwarts such as “Monopoly”, “Sorry”, “Clue”, and “Yahtzee”, TwixT remained the only game out of circulation…. Until now.

 “We are bringing back TwixT because it was such a part of many people’s childhood (mine included).  It’s easier to learn than Chess, and harder than Checkers, but becoming a master of the game takes a lifetime”. –Wayne Dolezal, CEO, Lil’ Cerebral, LLC.

This is precisely why TwixT continues to garner a dedicated following, and is featured prominently at the annual International Mind Sports Olympiad tournament.


The game box contains:

• 4 tongue-in-groove boards assembled to create a 24x24 peg board playing field

• 90 Peg Posts (45 Red, 45 Blue)

• 90 Fence Connectors (45 Red, 45 Blue)

• Instructions

About Lil’ Cerebral:  

Lil’ Cerebral was created in 2018 with the sole mission to create fun games for adults and children alike that challenge the mind.  “Everyone’s a Lil’ Cerebral”



March 29,2018

TWIXT obtains approval


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Houston, TX – Lil’ Cerebral Games is proud to announce that their forthcoming revamped classic board game, TwixT, has earned's highest product honor, the Approved STEM Trustmark.  STEM is the widely used acronym for the educational concept of "Science, Technology, Engineering & Math", and is used as an educational methodology in schools.  Products that possess a STEM accreditation assist children in cultivating important reasoning skills and  greatly improve their learning experience.  TwixT was selected for this honor based upon the success of displaying the concepts of Engineering & Math.

"I have known for years that, while TwixT was a phenomenally fun board game for my family and me growing up in the 80s, it also teaches important math and strategic skills.  My hope is that we can reintroduce TwixT in Spring/Summer 2018 to a new generation of TwixTers"–Wayne Dolezal, CEO, Lil’ Cerebral, LLC.

About Lil’ Cerebral:  

Lil’ Cerebral was created in 2018 with the sole mission to create fun games for adults and children alike that challenge the mind.  “Everyone’s a Lil’ Cerebral”

About’s mission is to make quality STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education accessible to all.  For more than 15 years, has been at the forefront of the global, Pre-K – 12th grade STEM education movement.  Through an extensive collaborative effort, has worked closely with pedagogical researchers, a community of teachers, administrators, and schools to establish a respected set of benchmarks. The resources and proven best-practices of this community have led to the world’s first and most recognized STEM credentialing framework: STEM Accreditation™ for Programs, STEM Certification™ for People, and STEM Approved™ for Products.